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Be aware of how much tension is in your neck. Gently massage your neck area before you sing and see what a difference it makes.

Singing Tips at your Fingertips is on Amazon and soon coming to Waterstones

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The Helen Astrid SInging Academy

Contact Helen Astrid on +44(0)7710 245 904

Helen talking live about singing on BBC News

Her book Singing Tips at your Fingertips is soon to be launched in Waterstones.

Learn to sing with Helen

Can you answer yes to these questions?

Is learning to sing a skill you've always wanted to try?

Would you like to feel good and gain heaps of confidence?

Do you want to move beyond your current vocal limitations?

If yes, it's time to take action. I combine natural and powerful techniques with solution-focused goals brings dynamic and wonderful rewards. Make a fresh start and gain more confidence with one-to-one singing lessons in London.

What is The Helen Astrid Singing Academy?

It's a singing teaching company led by music professionals. With a range of private singing lessons and workshops for the corporate sector, our team combines teaching singing skills with all aspects of presentation to help increase your self-confidence. Our workshops were voted in the top 5 things to do in London by the BBC.

Corporate Singing Workshops

We provide bespoke corporate workshops for large and small organisations focusing on team-building. For more information click here, or call +44(0)7710 245 904 to find out how we can benefit your company.

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Call Helen on +44(0)7710 245 904 or email